Broadview’s Flaming Dr Pepper
Pepper lives by a friend of mine, Maxence, who ownes Evy, One of Bonnie's kittens 2009. I am sooooo happy that Maxence, Evy and Pepper are getting well together, and very proud of Pepper's evolution! He is very heavy and cobby with very large paws, such as his mother. He's got a beautiful eyecolor, thanks to his father, a thick and beautiful coat, small ears, like his mother, perfect markings, and such a profile!!!!!!! Either the judges love him, or they really don't, because they find his profile too much curved, with a very rounded forehead and a short and extremely romain nose. But this is exactely what I like and what I want!!!

About Pepper:

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Show results:

Grand International Champion

(FIFE) Champion

(TICA) Double Grand Champion

14 BV,

18 NOM,

11 BIS,

once 4th best Birman,

twice 2nd best kitten all breeds,


1 Best Overall

TICA: 18 finales all breed

Personnal datas:

Father: Cayenn C’est le Rêve!

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